In E-Bulletin 33

Fire safety in our built environment, particularly in urban residential buildings, has been in sharper focus than ever in recent times, and clients are increasingly keen to ensure their buildings are safe for their occupants.

TCA offers a unique and specialised inspection service, checking drywall and firestopping elements of buildings. Clients are provided with a comprehensive survey report detailing any works that may need to be carried out to bring buildings up to standard and providing designs for these works. TCA then oversees the installations as they take place.

Clients using the service are only too aware of the potential size of legacy issues that exist, and they are keen to manage any possible current problems whilst mitigating any future exposure. TCA’s expertise, involving 15 consultants and designers and a combined 150 years’ experience in the sector, gives clients the scope to find solutions they would otherwise never be able to access.

Crucially they also receive peace of mind to know that their buildings will be robust and their occupants kept safe in the event that the worst happens.

TCA is the only organisation equipped to manage the process from end to end, working with a range of developer and principal contractor clients and partnering with other expert bodies to provide a comprehensive service.

For more information about the services offered by TCA or to book an appointment please contact David Carr on 0845 888 5551; e: