In E-Bulletin 39

Structural steel protection from Knauf

Knauf Insulation’s Fire-teK Beam and Column Slab is now available in a wider range of thicknesses and has been tested to BS EN 13381-4 for the protection of structural steel.

“Structural steel is widely used thanks to its versatility, durability, and strength, but this strength can be lost when subjected to very high temperatures in a fire,” says John Hutchison, National Sales Manager – Technical Solutions UK at Knauf Insulation.

“Manufactured from rock mineral wool, Fire-teK Beam and Column Slab is non-combustible and with a melting point of over 1,000°C, can provide fire resistance of up to two hours. It protects the steel from the heat of a fire, maintaining the structural integrity of the building so occupants can escape, and fire services can tackle the blaze.”

Fire-teK Beam and Column Slab is available either unfaced or faced with a reinforced aluminium foil. It now comes in thicknesses from 20mm to 65mm and has been manufactured in the UK to factory tolerances, so specifiers, installers and building control assessors can be certain the correct thickness of fire protection has been applied. It is also quicker and easier to check whether the relevant areas have been fully protected, compared with protective paints.

The slabs have been designed for ease of installation, particularly when being fitted overhead. Installers can choose between either the adhesive noggin or welded pin fixing system.

To further support their customers, Knauf Insulation has also launched a Fire Protection of Structural Steel guide. Download it here.