Consultants and contractors are realising that smoke control from basements, car parks and similar areas, requires correctly tested and CE marked smoke control dampers. Dampers tested from both sides are available from Strulik for mounting in walls, floors and ductwork to satisfy these requirements.

The Strulik smoke control dampers are also suitable for apartment corridor AOV applications and will open to vent smoke or close (remain closed) to protect compartmentation from both directions – especially important in multi floor applications.

Strulik can support damper installations and all types of smoke control system with fully application-bespoke electrical panels, both simple and complex.

All smoke control dampers are CE marked to BS EN12101-8, having been fully tested in ducts and compartment boundaries to BS EN 1366-10. They are classified MA, so can be used in any smoke control application, including those with manual override and intervention.

In addition to smoke control dampers, Strulik can provide fully insulated CE marked fire dampers for applications where specialised compartmentation is required. All fire dampers are CE marked to BS EN15650 and tested to BS EN 1366-2.

The use of other products tested ad hoc or to other standards is not a recognised solution. In line with Hackitt proposals, CE marking of smoke control dampers and fire dampers will require third party product certification. Simple actuator replacement is not acceptable, as both products must be tested as an assembly that includes the actuator.