In E-Bulletin 40

SureFire relaunched by AMS

SureFire has been relaunched by AMS as a complete fire and smoke rated ductwork system. Complete with fire-rated access doors, dampers and fire-rated silencers to suit.

Originally tested under the Safe4 name, back in 2005, it has since been upgraded to meet all the current British and European standards, while also simplifying the manufacturing process to ensure a streamlined supply.

SureFire is manufactured in rectangular ductwork up to 3,000×2,000mm and up to 2,000mm diameter. It is tested to BS 476 Part 24. for 240minutes in both uninsulated and insulated ducts. SureFire has been widely used in UK and Irish projects such as the Sky Pool at Embassy Gardens London, Frascati Shopping Centre in Dublin, Paddy Power in multiple locations around Ireland and WP Engine in Limerick.

SureFire also complies with EU test standards, EN 15871 for fire installations and EN12101-7 for smoke extract. All smoke products are CE marked and CA marked in the UK.

As a widely tested product, SureFire can be installed in kitchen extract, smoke extract and all passive fire conditions. A Declaration of Performance (DOP) can be requested, which offers the complete ratings available for uninsulated and insulated ducts.