In E-Bulletin 40

Surface Asset Management made easy

Surface Corrosion Consultants have developed Surface Asset Management (SAM) software that digitally captures non-destructive testing (NDT) and coating survey information. The software helps to prevent non-compliant surface preparation and application of primers, which can negate the performance of intumescent coatings.

SAM covers areas such as:

  • Mill certification
  • Welder ID
  • NDT
  • Surface preparation pre-treatment
  • Climatic monitoring
  • Dry film thickness (DFT) surveying
  • Final inspection

All inspection data is transferred wirelessly from inspection equipment to the tablet, which will have been prepopulated with the structural steel section size and required DFTs for each layer. SAM inspectors monitor and inspect each stage of the execution process, updating the data within SAM.

Once repair is complete, the work order is closed, and the record updated to its current, newly-treated condition. All inspection data is captured in real time, allowing stakeholders to monitor quality and production from anywhere.

Intumescent performance can be compromised when the specified surface preparation of BS EN ISO 8501-1 Part A1 SA2½ has not been achieved in the first instance, or, it has deteriorated throughout the welding / fabrication process.

Primer adhesion can be affected by the presence of corrosion products and/or hydrocarbon contamination, including drilling oils and lubricants, or there being no blast profile on the welds at areas of connection.

Furthermore, incorrect application of the priming coat in conditions outside the manufacturer’s parameters in respect of dew points, relative humidity and over-application (over 200µm DFT) could adversely affect the adhesion in a cellulosic fire scenario.