In E-Bulletin 39

Swegon grows Actionair damper family

Swegon has added another model to its extensive range of Actionair fire and smoke dampers. The new ThermShield fire damper is designed to be a crucial component of fire compartmentalisation strategies in buildings.

Joining the long-established ‘family’ of FireShield, SmokeShield and SmokeCommand products, the new ThermShield comes in square or rectangular (FD) models or as a circular product (FDC). It has an insulated blade to achieve an ‘EIS’ classification and achieves the VDI6022 standard for hygiene. It offers a wide range CE multiple assembly options, and out of wall installation – giving installers greater flexibility to meet the wide variety of project demands.

The ThermShield is fully compatible with the company’s Actionpac control panels that support monitoring and maintenance of multiple dampers. When used with Actionpac, the automatic ThermShield variants can react in the early stages of a fire to limit the spread of smoke. Whilst a manual damper will only close once the temperature in the ductwork reaches 72˚C (therefore allowing passage of cold smoke), automatic dampers can be controlled to provide smoke compartmentalisation at lower temperatures. This is important as 54% of deaths in fires are caused by smoke inhalation.

The availability of this new product range reflects growing demand in the industry for ‘raising the bar’ in fire safety systems in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the UK’s move towards more onerous fire regulations recently enshrined in the new Fire Safety Bill.