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Synergy launches Firehub

Synergy Fire Engineering has launched a brand-new fire risk assessment app, Firehub, and it is set to make waves in the fire safety community.

Created for fire safety professionals and facilities and health and safety teams, Firehub was created with the customer in mind.

Firehub was created as an antidote to the restrictive apps and programmes that have been used by fire safety professionals over the last few years. The app allows assessors to complete reports on-site. The questions, based on PAS-79 methodology, offer a range of pre-loaded responses to make completing reports quick and easy. Images can be uploaded immediately and no internet connection or 4G is needed.

Each customer has a unique customer login that will give them access to a clear dashboard where they can view and download their completed reports. The significant findings from their sites will be listed on their login dashboard which clients can use as a to-do list.

The unique management level of the app means that facilities teams, site managers, and health and safety teams can have oversight across all their properties and will be able to address their improvements at all sites.

Creator, Matt Spivey declares: “We want the app to be as user friendly as possible which is why personalisation is key. The questions and pre-populated responses are all editable. Personalisation, flexibility and bespoke questions and responses are all achievable with Firehub.”

Available on iOS and Android, Firehub is free to download and offers the first report for free.