In E-Bulletin 40

TBA protects life and history

TBA’s FIREFLY TITAN Lite 120:60 fire barriers are being installed at the British Museum’s new state-of-the-art storage facility in Reading, which will house a substantial part of the Museum’s collection of historical artefacts which are being moved from storage in London.

Graham Construction was awarded a £30million contract for the erection and fit out of the new facility, with FIREFLY originally specified by project architects, John McAslam + Partners. On-site expertise in installing the 60 rolls of TITAN Lite in line with the manufacturer’s standard details and project specific guidance was provided by Loftus Construction Solutions.

The fire barriers were designed with both life safety and asset protection prioritised; preventing break out of fire from places like plant rooms, and also the protection of dividing walls from both sides. As a result, in excess of 30 different details were used. TBA and Loftus assisted in further developing the initial specification to suit the unique site conditions and FIREFLY made several visits to site, offering a lot of useful technical guidance and assisting with alterations.

Titan Lite is a flexible, woven material which is easy to cut and fix and is chemically treated to improve its cooling properties, meaning it will prevent temperatures rising in adjoining areas when used to create compartmentation. It is installed as a three-layer, staggered system to achieve 120 minutes of integrity and 60 minutes of insulation. The system has been fully tested to BS 476: Parts 20 & 22 and is third party certified by IFCC.