In E-Bulletin 38

The team at TCA Fire Protection and Drylining Consultants is constantly researching and investigating new developments and innovations in the sector which enables it to provide clients with the best possible advice and support as they seek to ensure their buildings represent the best possible quality and safety for their occupants.

By investing time in attending seminars, membership of relevant trade bodies, and in-house sharing of best practice, TCA always has its finger is always on the pulse of the industry and its clients benefit from that peace of mind.

Most recently, TCA has been focusing on the critical interfaces arising from drywall systems combining with various firestopping systems and with doors and doorsets. These are areas that have the potential for confusion and misunderstanding and which are pivotal in the performance of the system under the ultimate test of an attack from a fire.

With its thorough understanding of how drywall systems work, how they are tested, where the possible weaknesses lie and which common errors are most likely to be made on site, TCA can assist clients in preventing defects before they happen. This saves them time and money, whilst giving the assurance of a safe building.

As is so often the case, early involvement is the key; crucial input into design and planning phases from the TCA design and consulting teams will ensure the best possible result and optimum time and cost benefits, supported by our market-leading inspection and monitoring services.