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ASFP seeks Chief Executive Officer

ASFP Chief Executive Officer

Closing date: 30 November 2020

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is a trade association of over 200 manufacturers and installers of passive fire protection products such as fire-stopping, fire resisting ducts and dampers, fire protection to structural steelwork, and fire doors etc.

It is looking for a new Chief Executive Officer to complete the ASFP’s transformation into a modern, professional and outward-reaching association that can represent the needs of its members and the passive fire protection (PFP) industry into the future.

The CEO will be instrumental in developing and driving strategy in conjunction with the ASFP Council, Business Manager and Officers.  Although a mainly public-facing role, the CEO will also be responsible for the overall running of the Association and for maximising growth and revenue, while ensuring the ASFP achieves its Vision, Mission and Values.

The CEO will seek to strengthen the ASFP’s reputation, by promoting the positive impact of training, testing, certification and quality of installation and maintenance giving guidance on essential standards in PFP and to support the activities of the fire industry in relation to all forms of built in fire protection.

Skills required 

The successful applicant should have an understanding and experience of working in the passive fire protection and construction arena. They should have demonstrable experience of delivering transformative change within an organisation and an understanding of the importance of relationships with external organisations in the construction sector, including Government departments, trade associations and others.

The candidate

The candidate is expected to be a strategic thinker who understands market dynamics and their impact on the ASFP and its activities. They should have good operational management capabilities and people leadership skills. They should be an exceptional and persuasive communicator experienced in being an impactful and inspirational speaker with gravitas and authority; and have the ability to network with a diverse range of organisations and people.

The package

The ASFP will offer a competitive package to the right candidate.

Job Profile

The full ASFP Chief Executive Officer job profile is available to read here

Express your interest

For further information or to apply for the position please contact Nadine Saxon

Successful candidates will be invited for interview with the ASFP in December 2020.