In E-Bulletin 38

One of the many advantages of testing at Warringtonfire’s High Wycombe laboratory is its ability to offer customers testing solutions for multiple performance characteristics on a single sample at a single location.

Historically, fire door manufacturers would test their product for fire resistance to BS 476 Part 22 or BS EN 1634 Part 1 to satisfy regulatory requirements. Many now seek to achieve additional performance characteristics, both to increase the marketability of their product and to satisfy the increasing level of demand for multiple performance doors.

Typically a manufacturer will look to add acoustic and smoke leakage performance characteristics to their product. Warringtonfire is able to offer acoustic testing to meet BS EN 10140-2 and smoke leakage testing to meet EN 1634 Part 3 at its High Wycombe test laboratory.

Installation of your sample once it arrives at our laboratory can also be arranged, reducing the need for you and your team to travel and saving expensive travel costs.  Furthermore, our remote witnessing facility, allows you to watch your test live and ask questions of the engineer undertaking your test.

Third party product certification is increasingly specified by end users; a further advantage of testing your product at our High Wycombe laboratory is that our certification team is also based here. Manufacturers’ certified under the BM TRADA Q-Mark scheme also benefit from remote sampling of their product as part of the scheme requirements.

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