To ensure compliance with government guidance on social distancing and the continuity of customers’ businesses during the current pandemic, Warringtonfire revised some of its operational procedures for its testing services.

A key element of this is offering a remote viewing service for customers. Whilst strict measures are in place at all of its locations to ensure the health and safety of colleagues and visitors, for customers not able to attend in person, Warringtonfire offers the ability to witness tests remotely at all of its worldwide locations.

Customers can witness all stages in the testing process, from the preparation of the sample and its installation into the restraint frame or testing apparatus, to the witnessing of the live test itself and the ability to discuss its progress with the technical officer running it. Key performance data can also be viewed on screen in real time. To find out more watch our short video

Rob Veitch, Executive Vice President for Warringtonfire said:

“Throughout this pandemic our business has remained open and through the implementation of rigorous social distancing measures, we have been able to operate safely and ensure the continuity of our customers’ businesses. The introduction of remote witnessing of tests means that we can offer customers who are not able to attend in person, the same level of support had they been on site. The feedback we have received from our customers has been extremely positive and the initiative has been warmly welcomed.”